Design Services

Let our design experts help you create a customized space that reflects your style and vision.

Your Space – Your Style

Whether you’re tackling a small do it yourself project or building a customized dream home, our experienced designers at Kemptville Interiors will help you find the solutions that fit your vision, timeline and budget. You may require a series of in-home design consultations or just a brief meeting in our store, our main objective is to clearly identify your needs at the outset of your project, and provide creative and suitable design solutions. At Kemptville Interiors we pride ourselves on creating customized spaces that reflect your good taste and can access a variety of unique and special order products and pieces.

Designing is a collaborative experience

The design team at Kemptville Building Centre and Kemptville Interiors are trained in Interior Design.  We understand construction practices, timelines and budgets. We are accustomed to collaborative relationships and often work with many fabulous local builders and renovators to accomplish your dream space and favored style. We don’t just limit ourselves to “big box store” solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, and closets. Whether it be exterior or interior, we offer full Interior Design Services and customized products for every space in your home.

The Design Process

Outstanding Design and great working relationships built on trust in today’s fast paced world. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a space that feels just like you, one that surpasses your expectations! How we do this is by listening to what really matters to you! It’s important to visually define how we live. We consider what it means to have the morning sunshine stream into the kitchen windows while you eat with your loved ones, come home from a stressful day to your personalized sanctuary where you can relax and decompress. Host that extended family gathering for 20 and feel like a part of the gathering in a functional kitchen you can both entertain in and enjoy!  Philosophies like this in design should include more than just paint colors and how many cushions to put on your sofa.

Our designers will meet with you where you feel comfortable and inspired. We can meet in your home where we can focus on your spatial requirements and challenges or we can host you in our showroom where the options are aplenty! The choice is up to you.

Our initial meeting encompasses much more than just talk! Professional measurements form the basis for concept sketches, renderings and 20/20 perspectives. We will do a Needs Assessment and discuss your most important priorities and wish list items. We will assist you with creating realistic project budgets and timelines by assessing all facets of your project.

Our extensive variety of product lines allows us to help you with every aspect of your project from construction (cabinetry, flooring, plumbing and lighting) to completion (paint and furniture) including the finishing touches, accessories and window coverings. We value quality Canadian made products, local manufactures and trades.

We guide you in how to start and complete the renovation/build process with as little disruption to your life as possible. Should you have any questions or concerns as your project begins to take shape, Kemptville Interiors’ designers will be there for you and available for site visits.

Real life Projects

DIY shows and HGTV are great entertainment and excellent sources for getting a sense of the current trends and exciting new products. The problem is they don’t accurately illustrate “real-life” projects.  Renovations just don’t happen in 24 hours. Project budgets are often misleading as labour is rarely accounted for. It takes time to make the right decisions and to incorporate all those vital details. It’s important to feel like you’ve gone over all elements of the project from design to implementation and you’re comfortable with the process. This may take two to five visits with our team to finalize. The world of customizing is intriguing as you can create your dream vision, but customized orders also have a time-frame. It’s not abnormal for a kitchen renovation to take 3-4 months from the beginning planning phase to completion.

One thing our favorite design shows do illustrate is how unexpected things do occasionally pop up.  Sometimes products become discontinued during the design process. Backorders are not uncommon.  As informative as it would be, our designers don’t sport x-ray vision and until walls are opened up we don’t always know what may be lurking within. The good news is there’s always a solution and we’re familiar in dealing with the unforeseen. Breathe easy knowing that our professionals are there to help you with timely solutions to any little hick-up along the way.

Custom Orders

Found the perfect frame but the fabric doesn’t suit your style? Ask us about our custom option program and create the perfect living room set for your home with over 500 swatches and samples to choose from. At Kemptville Interiors we pride ourselves on putting your needs first and supplying you with the perfect solution for your living space.


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